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Sensitivity = fraction of diseased patients correctly diagnosed as diseased, ideally equal to 100%

Specificity = fraction of non-diseased patients correctly diagnosed as non-diseased, ideally equal to 100%

Recall = something suspicious was found that necessitates the patient having to come back for more detailed imaging to determine if it is cancer. A recall is unnecessary if the patient is ultimately found not to have cancer.

NL = non-lesion localization, a variant of normal anatomy that is mistaken for a localized lesion (sometimes incorrectly termed a false positive)

LL = lesion localization, a true localized lesion (sometimes incorrectly termed a true positive)

image = actually 4 images are shown simultaneously, 2 views per breast

search performance = ability to find lesions while avoiding finding non-lesions, determined by two parameters of the radiological search model (RSM)

lesion-classification performance = having found a suspicious region, the ability to correctly classify it, determined by the third parameter of the RSM

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