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Standalone performance of CAD

As noted earlier, this true measure of CAD performance is rarely measured. Hupse et al1 have published the only study of standalone performance of breast CAD that I am aware of. Extending their method to random-cases is the subject of a chapter of the book, Chapter 22. The methodology allows comparing CAD to a group of readers interpreting the same cases. The software, implemented in RJafroc*, will be used to optimize ExpertCAD™.

* The online code for this chapter is accessible from the download section of the JAFROC website.

1. Hupse R, Samulski M, Lobbes M, ... Karssemeijer N: Standalone computer-aided detection compared to radiologists’ performance for the detection of mammographic masses. Eur Radiol. 2013;23(1):93-100.

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